Image of a beaver swimming while carrying vegetation Beaver dam at Nature CenterBusy as a Beaver


Beavers are the largest rodent in North America.  The beavers that live near the Audubon Nature Center property den in the banks along Muskrat and Blackbirds ponds, or they build lodges along the banks of the South Platte River.  Adults can measure more than 3 feet in length, and weigh up to 55 pounds, with a broad, nearly naked flat tail, and webbed feet.  By turning sections of rivers and creeks into ponds and then wetlands, beavers benefit a wide variety of other wildlife species, including  amphibians, aquatic reptiles, mink, muskrat, and waterfowl.

By Brian Hoffmann, Audubon Naturalist


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* The markers on this trail were constructed by a Littleton Eagle Scout Project during the spring of 2012.