HOOTenanny: Owl & Bluegrass Festival

Save the Date!  Saturday, September 24, 2016

WHOOOO flies in the night skies at the Audubon Nature Center?  This event features live owl demonstrations, local bluegrass music, owl crafts and activities, owl pellet dissections, an owl gift shop and so much more!  The perfect unique family event for the Colorado autumn!

Boy & Magnifying Glass - SMALL


Owl Craft - SMALL

Kate & CJ - SMALL

KHelsper with Owl Facepaint -SMALL

Steve & Great Horned - SMALL

Owl Pressie with Crowd - SMALL

Owl Flock with Fireplace - SMALL

Girl & Owl Pellet - SMALL

Bluegrass Band - SMALL

Lookout Mtn with Girl - SMALL

Great Horned Owl making funny face