The ASGD Conservation Committee keeps an “eagle eye” on governmental policies and actions that affect the South Platte watershed and other areas throughout the state of Colorado. The committee:

  • Monitors legislation, government policies and actions at the local, state and national levels
  • Alerts ASGD members when action is needed through the Conservation column in the Warbler newsletter and an e-mail distribution list (members without e-mail can be added to a volunteer phone tree for alerts).
  • Participates in the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s (CDOW) environmental roundtable discussions.
  • Comments on federal actions that affect our priority areas – the Cherry Creek and Chatfield Basins, the Pike/San Isabel National Forest, Rocky Mountain National Park and wildlife refuges.
  • Contributes to the Audubon Colorado lobbyist fund that hires a professional lobbyist to represent Audubon at the Colorado state legislature. This person is one of only two pro-environmental lobbyists working on state issues!

The ASGD Conservation Committee provides support to Denver-area residents and activist groups to protect local natural areas, birds, and other wildlife. Assistance ranges from providing advice and guidance to writing letters and testifying at hearings. If you need help with an environmental issue in your neighborhood, contact Polly Reetz by email or Ann Bonnell by email.

Get Involved & Be Active!

Come to our Annual Legislative Forum (co-sponsored by the Sierra Club)
This full-day workshop in February introduces participants to issues and bills facing the current state legislature. Breakout sessions provide in-depth information on issues of concern and training on how to effectively make your voice heard.

Join the ASGD Conservation Committee and Get Active!
The committee typically meets on the second Tuesday of every other month at 7pm. Meeting locations vary. Please contact committee chairperson, Polly Reetz by email for more information.