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Audubon Society of Greater Denver and the Sierra Club are teaming up to present the Legislative Forum every February as the legislative session begins. Come meet other activists and learn about the hot environmental topics in this year’s State legislature.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Forum, mention this when you register and be sure to leave a phone number where you can be contacted.

Remember: Decisions are made by those who show up!

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Colorado and the Arctic Are Connected

Colorado’s skies and waters are often filled with bird species that breed in the Arctic. These species provide a direct and living connection between our state and the Arctic, including Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The Arctic Refuge contains some of the most abundant and diverse wildlife across the entire Arctic, and the coastal plain is its biological heart. The 1.5 million acre region hosts nearly 200 species of birds. Some of these species pass through Colorado migrating to or from the Arctic, while others spend the entire non-breeding season in our state.

This wild and untouched habitat is under threat. Legislation has been introduced to open the coastal plain for oil development. Those that want to drill in the Refuge could even use backdoor budget tactics, making it easier to push through Congress, which could present one of the greatest threats to the Refuge in its history. Instead, Congress should continue a bipartisan history of protecting this pristine region, dating back to 1960 when President Eisenhower first set aside the area in recognition of its “extraordinary natural ecosystems and for the permanent good of present and future generations of Americans”.



Chatfield Reallocation Project

PLEASE NOTE: Both the National Audubon Society and the Audubon Society of Greater Denver have serious concerns about the Chatfield Reallocation project; however the above video is not an official publication by either society. It is the result of work by volunteers interested in the Chatfield Reallocation issue.

Always remember, information and addresses are available at

Thank you so much for your interest and efforts,

Polly Reetz
Audubon Society of Greater Denver

For more information, contact:

Polly Reetz, Conservation Chairman, at

Ann Bonnell, Board Member, at


Bird/Window Collisions

Learn more about this threat to bird populations and how you can help protect birds in your backyard and at your office.

Keep Cats Indoors

The life and times of an outdoor cat and its impact on birdlife. Watch a video and read about what happens when cats are allowed to run free or become feral.

Climate Change and Birds