The Lois Webster Fund

… Funding Colorado Non-game Wildlife Research and Education

Lois’s Inspiration – An impassioned co-founder of Denver Audubon, it was always Lois Webster’s hope to have an endowment to support research and education for Colorado’s non-game wildlife. Her dream was realized in 1995 on her 75th birthday when, instead of gifts, her many friends and family gave generously to create the fund that now exists in her memory and honor.

Lois’s Legacy – For those with an affection and a concern about birds and other Colorado non-game wildlife, the Lois Webster Fund (LWF) provides a unique opportunity to help fund vital research and education projects. Through 2018, which is our 23rd year of funding projects, the LWF has provided $89,487 for 48 projects.

Call for 2019 Project Proposals is now open. See 2019 Funding Guidelines and Application.

There will be a maximum of $11,278 available for 2019 project funding.

Final Project Reports • Projects History Fact Sheet

The 2018 Projects are – 

  • Black Swift Movement Ecology
  • Probiotic Solutions to the Batrachochytrium Dendrobatitis Associated Declines in Boreal Toads
  • The Role of Urban Conservation in Enhancing Wildlife Habitat and Engaging Citizens

Please donate! Join Lois’s friends and admirers with a donation to carry her inspiration forward. In addition to our thanks, conclusive research shows the non-game wildlife will thank you too! (In the “Comments” box, please enter “Lois Webster Fund”.)