Pawnee National Grassland Plover Studies

The Audubon Society of Greater Denver, through the Lois Webster Fund, supports research projects on non-game birds and other wildlife. Fritz L. Knopf and colleagues have completed a series of reports on the Mountain Plover of the Pawnee National Grassland in Colorado.





  • Use Of Cultivated Fields By Breeding Mountain Plovers In Colorado (6.22 MB), Knopf and Rupert, 1999 – Decline in Mountain Plover population is discussed in relation to cultivation in the habitat during the breeding season. Four management options are suggested to improve Mountain Plover recruitment on and near cultivated Iands.


  • Mountain Plover Studies Pawnee National Grassland 1985 – 2007 (74 pages – 1.06 MB),), Knopf, 2008 – The author summarizes field notes and findings from previous examinations of Mountain Plover populations on the Pawnee National Grasslands. The intent of this effort is to assure that such a record was available from my research for future efforts.