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While our name may read “Society”, we think of ourselves more as a community of friends who share a love of birds, other wildlife and nature. By being an ASGD Friend you help to strengthen our organization through your financial support. As a Friend, you also receive special benefits for one year from the month that you join. More details about ASGD Friend levels and the benefits for each is here.

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Note to National Audubon Society Members

Your membership in the National Audubon Society (NAS) supports birds, other wildlife, and habitats across the United States. However, did you know that when you renew your membership, less than $2.00 of your dues are returned to the Audubon Society of Greater Denver (ASGD)?  We ask that in addition to your membership in NAS, become a Friend of the Audubon Society of Greater Denver where 100 percent of your donation stays local and goes directly to ASGD. Thank you!