2017 Birdseed Sale

Next Sale:
Order Deadline – May 26
Pickup Date – Saturday, June 3 from 10am-noon

Enjoy feeding the birds & support the Audubon Society of Greater Denver!


Pick up your seed at the Audubon Center at Chatfield (Directions) between 10am-noon on Saturday, June 3, 2017. If you can’t get your seed on pick-up day, you will be charged a $5 handling charge.  Seed pickup can be arranged with the office.
Questions?  Call 303-973-9530 between 9am – 2pm, Monday through Thursday.  Our friendly, helpful staff will give you more information.  Need advice on bird feeding? Visit the National Audubon Society to learn all about best practices, tips, and more.

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Seed Offerings

Complete Patio – No waste mix contains medium sunflower chips, peanut pieces and hulled millet. A virtual smorgasbord of great ingredients that will attract all sizes of birds from Chickadees to Blue Jays.
No Milo, No Mess – This blend of both White and German Millet combined with a bit of black oil sunflower seeds is a great basic mix. Chickadees, Finches and other small birds love this blend. In addition with NO MILO (Sorghum) as a filler, your back yard birds will not kick out unwanted seeds.
Squirrel & Nut Blend – Not only feeds squirrels and larger wild birds, but fortifies their diet too. It’s a delicious blend of corn, sunflower seeds, and peanuts in the shell. Appeals to squirrels, raccoons, deer, ducks, geese, chipmunks, and other wildlife.
Black Oil Sunflower – Attracts the widest variety of seed-eating birds! Black Oil Sunflower Seed is a source of high quality protein and oil that is particularly important during the cooler months. Special oil/seed mixture creates softer outer shell – makes eating easier for smaller wild birds.
Medium Sunflower Chips – Sunflower chips are the chopped meat or kernel of the sunflower seed and is a true waste-free product for wild birds. Ideal for anyone who enjoys the variety of birds attracted to black oil sunflower seeds, but dislikes the mess they leave behind.
Safflower – Nutritional seed attracts chickadees, finches and mourning doves while deterring pesky intruders such as starlings and grackles. Squirrels also dislike the taste of safflower, so they’ll leave your feeder alone. High in protein and energy value, safflower offers the nourishment wild birds need.
Hulled Millet – Without the hull Millet is liked by doves, sparrows and juncos. In addition this becomes a delicious no mess food.
Nyjer – Keep squirrels out while drawing songbirds in! Our triple cleaned thistle gives your backyard guests the best of the seed. Draws large numbers of songbirds such as siskins and goldfinches.
Peanuts in the Shell – If you enjoy watching the squirrels’ antics, peanuts will certainly do the trick. Jays, woodpeckers and other backyard birds love them too.
High Energy Suet Blend (12 per case) – Attracts insect-eating birds such as chickadees, woodpeckers and nuthatches.
*** Other types of seed available by special request. Call 303-973-9530 for availability & prices. ***