Beginning Birdwatching 2017

Western Bluebird

Beginning Bird Watching Class – Spring and Fall of each year

(Registration closed for Spring 2017)

Beginning Birding Class at Genesee Mtn Park, June 2009

New to birding in Colorado? Wonder where to begin? Join Colorado’s foremost–and most entertaining couple as they introduce the art and science of birdwatching as no one else can. Learn bird identification, choosing and using binoculars and field guides, and much more. Instruction takes place, not in a classroom but rather on field trips to the best birding spots in the Denver metro area. Learn to develop a practiced eye and ear. Meet new friends and change the way you spend time outdoors. Make up any field trips that you miss during future class sessions. Be forewarned: this class has hooked hundreds on the lifelong adventure of birdwatching!

Field Trips:  bird-watching sites around Denver including Chatfield, Barr Lake, and Castlewood Canyon State Parks, Wheat Ridge Greenbelt, and Genesee Denver Mountain Park.

Leaders: Urling & Hugh Kingery

Registration required. $150/members, $175/non-members (includes membership). Graduates of the class may drop in at $20 a field trip.

Spring 2017 Class begins September 14, 2017: