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Our New Birding Insights Program gives teen and adult birders of all levels a great insight into our common Colorado avian residents and visitors!  Each session is 2-3 hours of insightful birding knowledge and tips, including techniques for identification, food preferences, where and when to find certain birds, conservation status, life cycle, and other interesting natural history information. Local and backyard birds are emphasized for beginning birders as well as more experienced birders.  Special topics of interest to all Audubon members are included, such as citizen science, conservation, and seasonal changes in our Front Range bird population.

Our exciting and engaging volunteer instructors are drawn from the Front Range birding community and include Audubon Master Birders and other experienced birders.  Fees are used to further promote the ASGD mission.
Classes are held at the Audubon Nature Center and may include viewing Chatfield birds.


  • $20 per member, $25 per non-member for 3 hours
  • $15 per member, $20 per non-member for 2 hours