Audubon Master Birder


The 2015/2016 AMB class is underway.

Check back in early 2017 for information on the 2017/2018 class

The mission of the Audubon Master Birder Program is to develop field ornithologists with an understanding of habitat, bird identification, behavior and conservation and the desire to share their learning through leadership and ongoing commitment to the Audubon Society of Greater Denver, the Colorado birding community, and beyond.


2015-2016 Application Forms

AMB 2015 Application (PDF Document)

AMB 2015 Application (MS Word Document)


2015-2016 Class and Field Trip Schedules

AMB 2015-2016 Class & Field Trip Schedule(PDF Document)


Course Fees

Course Tuition for the 2015/2016 Class: $550 There is a course fee when you are accepted into the program. This fee supports the program, provides speaker honorariums, and covers some material costs as well as other administrative expenses associated with the program.


Requirements for Certification

To become an ASGD Master birder the candidate must complete 18 requirements over the course of the program. Though rigorous, mentors work with candidates to assure completion of these requirements.  You may review these requirements here: 2015 Requirements for AMB Certification (PDF document).


Current Audubon Master Birders


2011/2012 Mentors: Bill Eden, Hugh Kingery, Urling Kingery, Mackenzie Goldthwait, Tina Jones, Karen von Saltza, Dave Hill, Mike Henwood, Bob Andrews, Lois Levinson, Michael Kiessig.

2012/2013 Mentors: Bill Eden, Hugh Kingery, Urling Kingery, Mackenzie Goldthwait, Tina Jones, Karen von Saltza, Dave Hill, Lois Levinson, Michael Kiessig, Chuck Aid, Cynthia Madsen, Janet Shin, Jeffery Stroup

Emeritus Mentors: Robert Andrews, Ann Bonnell, Doris Cruze, Mike Henwood, Alison Kondler

2008 Graduates: Fran Blanchard, Mary Ann Bonnell, Bill Eden, Kris Koff, Barbara Masoner, Mary Ellen Sargent, Karen von Saltza

2009 Graduates: Karen Bickett, Kathy Bollhoefer, Tom Bush, Mackenzie Goldthwait, Dave Hill, Mary Keithler, Alison Kondler, Kathanne Lynch, Deb Mallory, Katie Morrison, Tom Parchman, Harriet Stratton

2009/2010 Graduates: Richard Anderson, Nicole Buyck, Laurie Duke, Kate Frost, Michael Kiessig, Lois Levinson, Jessi Oberbeck, Marilyn Rhodes, Bob Santangelo, Barbara Schissler, Cindy Valentine

2011/2012 Graduates: Chuck Aid, Cheryl Chessick, Celia Greenman, Marsha Heron, Diane Hutton, Rhonda Kelly, Cynthia Madsen, Megan Miller, Michele Ostrander, Sharon Pfeifer, Janet Shin, Jeffery Stroup, Scott Yarberry