Audubon Nature Trail

Students on trail

The markers on this trail were constructed by Andrew Tarr and Troop 114, Littleton, CO for his Eagle Project on March 31, 2012. Thank you Troop 114! Enjoy the amazing natural features as you walk the Audubon Loop. If you have a smart phone, you can use the QR codes at each stop or pick up a booklet at the Audubon Center at Chatfield.

The Nature Trail Markers
  1. Audubon Center Native Gardens
  2. Rabbit Brush Food and Shelter
  3. Diverse Habitat Draws Diverse Wildlife
  4. Box Elder Tree Scavenger Hunt
  5. Scientific Reasearch with Bird Banding
  6. Busy as a Beaver
  7. Turtle Warming Table
  8. Red-winged Blackbird Nursery
  9. Gravel Pit Ponds – Turning Industry into nature