Lois Webster Fund Projects

Lois Webster Fund Project Reports

YearProject NameDescriptionOrganizationResearcher
2019Black Swift Movement Ecology (2nd year)Using previously tagged birds to determine: foraging range and habitats; if avoiding pesticide treated areas; more precisely locate wintering grounds and if "aerial roosting" is performed.Bird Conservancy of the RockiesRob Sparks
Survey of Native Plains Fish Project aims to characterize fish assemblages in Arikaree River, CO, on the Fox Ranch (The Nature Conservancy), after a recent discovery of an invasive, non-native species, western mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis).Colorado State UniversityYoichiro Kanno
2018Black Swift Movement EcologyUsing previously tagged birds to determine: foraging range and habitats; if avoiding pesticide treated areas; more precisely locate wintering grounds and if "aerial roosting" is performed.Bird Conservancy of the RockiesRob Sparks
Probiotic Solutions to the Batrachochytrium Dendrobatitis Associated Declines in Boreal ToadsIdentify species of bacteria in Boreal Toads’ skin inhibiting growth of the fungal pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatitis (Bd) aiming to prevent deaths due to Bd.University of Colorado Wildlife Conservation Research Fund: McKenzie LabTim Korpita
The Role of Urban Conservation in Enhancing Wildlife Habitat and Engaging CitizensEvaluate a Ft. Collins habitat program to restore and enhance bird and butterfly biodiversity and assess the relative social and ecological benefits of citizen science in urban green spaces data collection .Colorado State University, Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation BiologyMiguel Jimenez
2017Conserving Northern Leopard Frogs on Colorado's Front RangeDetermined presence/absence of Northern Leopard Frogs and other herptiles at ponds on Boulder City properties; recommended management actions to improve habitat.Boulder Parks & RecreationJoy Masters
Grassland Bird and Mammal Response to Bison Reintroduction in Northern ColoradoDetermined effect of bison reintroduction on vegetation, bird and mammal use of habitat; also, compared bison-grazed, cattle-grazed, and reference sites.Colorado State UniversityKate Wilkins
Native Fish Care and Appreciation in the Elementary ClassroomProvided an aquarium to enable 4th graders to learn about native fish, their habitats & threats from non-native species and climate change.Weld RE-9 School District, Highland Elementary, Pierce, COMark Kucza
2016Backyard Bee Watchers Citizen Science LaunchAn upper Gunnison Valley citizen science project to increase the number of native bee boxes.Rocky Mountain Biological LaboratoryDr. Amy Ellwein
Brown's Canyon National Monument BioblitzA Bioblitz in Brown’s Canyon National Monument for planning recreational uses.US Forest ServiceStephanie Shively
Importance of Habitat Heterogeneity to Distribution and Breeding Success in Shortgrass Steppe BirdsDiscovering how birds respond to shifting vegetative cover of different grazing regimes with a focus on the McCown’s Longspur.University of Colorado (Denver)Amber Carver
2015Colorado Butterfly Monitoring NetworkExpand monitoring of populations of Colorado butterflies.The Butterfly Pavilion/Sara Garret
Mountain Plover Habitat Use During Nest IncubationResearchers studying movement of adult plovers during nest incubation using GPS tags.University of Colorado (Denver)Colin Woolley
The Bees' Needs: Increasing the Impact of Citizen ScienceWeb and database redesign to improve public understanding of native bee ecology.University of Colorado (Boulder)Alexandra Rose
2014Avian Response to Habitat Manipulation and Fire in NW Colorado Oil and Gas FieldsResponses of bird populations to habitat disturbance of oil and gas impacts.Colorado State UniversityTravis Gallo
Effect of Heavy Metal Stream Contamination on Bats in the Eastern RockiesImpact on bats of heavy metal contaminants in streams along the Front Range.University of Northern ColoradoLaura Heiker
Habitat Use by Mountain Plover During Nest IncubationStudy of foraging movements of adult mountain plovers when they are incubating eggs.University of Colorado (Denver)Colin Woolley
2013Black Swift Diet in ColoradoCompilation of data on of the type, size and numbers of prey items taken by Black Swifts in Colorado.US Forest Service, White River National ForestKim Potter
Habitat Manipulation Effects on Songbird and Small Mammal CommunitiesImpacts on populations and behaviors of songbird and small mammal communities in energy development dominated landscape.Colorado State University Sarah Bombaci
Grassland Bird Conservation and Habitat Use in Northeastern ColoradoMeasure changes in habitat management for Mountain Plover, McCown's Longspur and Burrowing Owl on agricultural lands.Rocky Mountain Bird ObservatoryAngela Dwyer
Front Range Pika ProjectData collection that will determine whether Pika distribution is declining throughout the Rocky Mountains' Front Range.Denver ZooAmy Masching
Rock Wren Nesting BehaviorsUnderstanding Rock Wren (a species in decline) nesting behaviors in Northern Colorado foothills to discern specific threats.University of Northern Colorado                                              Nat Waring  
2012Bedrock BioblitzDocument the composition of a riparian habitat before and after a restoration project on the Dolores River, Colorado.Natural Resources Conservation Service, Rocky Mountain Bird ObservatoryMartin Moses
Life Stage Male Bias Arising in Mountain PloverDetermine whether a male-biased sex ratio arises at the egg or chick stage of development in Mountain Plover.University of MontanaMaggie Riordan
Mammalian Habitat Use Along a Development Gradient in Northern ColoradoHow exurban development density influences mammalian species' habitat use.Colorado State UniversityErica H. Goad
2011Colorado Breeding Bird Atlas IIFieldwork surveying for the second edition of Colorado Bird Breeding Atlas.Fort Lewis CollegeLynn Wickersham
Comparison of Abundant and Declining Bumble Bee SpeciesUse of molecular genetics techniques for investigation into the conservation status of an entire guild of bumblebees.University of Colorado (Boulder)Carol Ann Kearns
Responses of  Burrowing Owls to Black-tailed Prairie Dog Alarm CallsThe way in which Burrowing Owls react to alarm calls by prairie dogs.University of Colorado (Denver)Rebecca Bryan
Urban Students and Urban SnakesRadio telemetry to study the ecology and population genetics of sympatric garter snakes in Lowry Wetlands in Denver.Metropolitan State College of Denver and Public School 1Eric Gangloff
2010Avian Communities' Changes in a Riparian HabitatAnalysis of 50 plus years of bird banding data to determine how avian community has changed in a protected riparian area since cattle were excluded.University of Colorado (Boulder)Mysti Martin
Ecological Role of Free-ranging Domestic CatsMerging of biological and social science data to understand the ecological role and risk to wildlife caused by free-ranging domestic cats.Colorado State UniversityAshley Gramza
Hybridization Threats on Two Colorado Native Catostomids Genetic analysis of hybridization of two native and one non-native sucker species in western Colorado for management and conservation.University of ColoradoSe Jin Song
2009Pawnee Montane Skipper Project Measuring the distribution and abundance of immature stages of the Pawnee Montane Skipper, a federally Threatened species, in areas adjacent to the South Platte River.  Colorado CollegeDr. Boyce Drummond
Townsend's Big-eared BatStudy of roost sites and habitat associations of Townsend's Big-eared bats in southeastern Colorado. Colorado State UniversityRobert Schorr
2008Bats of Mesa VerdeIdentify insect prey samples from bat species using burned and unburned areas of Mesa Verde National Park.Colorado State UniversityE. Apple Snider
Mountain Plover Data from the Pawnee National GrasslandCompilation and summary on Mountain Plover populations data from 1986 to 2007 on the Pawnee National Grasslands by Dr. Fritz Knopf.US Forest ServiceElizabeth Humphreys
Pika and Climate ChangeA resurvey of historically documented Pika populations in the Southern Rockies, addressing the causes of extirpations and distribution shifts.University of ColoradoLiesl Peterson
2007Burrowing OwlBurrowing owls population dynamics on the Pawnee National Grassland with reference to plague and recreational shooting.Colorado State University Dr. Mike Antolin
Wildlife Bridge FeasibilityTesting roadway permeability and monitoring wildlife presence at Shrine Pass Road on Vail Pass.Southern Rockies Ecosystem ProjectPaige Bonaker
2006Aurora’s Big YearCreate a bird list for City of Aurora to increase awareness and appreciation.City of Aurora, Parks and Open Space Dept.Mary Ann Bonnell
Bats of Mesa VerdeIdentify insect prey samples from bat species using burned and unburned areas of Mesa Verde National Park.Colorado State University E. Apple Snider
Bats Population and Species DiversityMonitor bat populations at water holes in Boulder to determine populations and drinking patterns.University of Colorado (Boulder)Rick Adams
Possible Decline of Pika PopulationsA resurvey of historically documented pika populations in the Southern Rockies, to test hypotheses addressing the causes of extirpations and distribution shifts in this critical pika stronghold.University of Northern ColoradoDianna DiPolito
2005Mountain Plover Surveys in the San Luis ValleyMountain Plover numbers and distribution in the San Luis Valley, in Conejos, Costilla, Rio Grande and Saguache Counties.Rocky Mountain Bird ObservatoryTerri Hicks-Anderson
2004Conservation of Colorado's BatsTrapping bats for a thorough survey of bat species in upper-montane, mixed conifer forests in the Pikes Peak Region.Catamount InstituteSamantha Carpenter, Joseph Merritt, Et Al.
Grasslands BioblitzA biodiversity snapshot of a 6,000 public land acre block in Jefferson and Boulder counties which raised public awareness of the biological communities.Colorado Native Plant SocietyKaren Hollweg, Mark Richert
Impacts of Habitat Fragmentation on the Breeding Ecology of the Flammulated OwlObserving development of young owls in nest cavities; for a study of the impacts of major fires on owl demographics.Colorado College, Biology Dept.Brian Linkhart
2003Mountain Plover/Agricultural Lands in Eastern ColoradoTracking of nesting Mt. Plovers and monitoring survival of chicks on agricultural lands.Colorado Division of WildlifeVicky Dreitz
2002Mountain Plover/Agricultural Lands in Eastern ColoradoTracking of nesting Mt. Plovers and monitoring survival of chicks on agricultural lands.Colorado Division of WildlifeVicky Dreitz
1998Compilation of Breeding Data on Mountain Plover 1990-1997Tony Reynolds compiled data and published report Sept, 30, 1998NATony Reynolds